After the war (1975)
Protect our borders in 1995 Protect our boundaries in 1996 Our people unite together for building the wealthier highlands in 1978
Plant more forests as adding more green springs for our nation 1980 We will fight until there is no more enemy in 1979 The Vietnamese people who are learners, builders and followers of the Vietnamese Constitution in 1992
The science technologies are the key factors to develop the nation in 1983 Anniversary of the 115 year of the president Ho Chi Minh's birth, it seems he is guarding our nation with us in 2005 Determine to keep our Vietnamese administration power in 1978
April 30 1975-1995 Anniversary of the 20 year Saigon liberation. It seems that the president Ho is present in the joyful day of victory in 1995 Preventing flood is the duty of our whole society in 1978  
Strongly Protect our nation's boundaries in 1979 Keep our blue skies in 1977 Spreading education to the highland ethnics in 1980
The happiness childhoods in the peaceful time in 1978 1945-1980 build and protect our motherland in 1980 Bring into play the national unity traditions of building and protecting our nation, we are the soldiers if there will be invaders. We are the people if our nation is peaceful in 1980
Let's bring into play the nation's traditions. Let's feel highly enthusiastic in our building national works in 1985 Developing more chicken farms in 1983 Produce Calcium oxide powder to renovate the Sulfuric acid soil 1985
Increase milking cows for the needs in 1980 Always improve our military to be stronger 1978 Searching more natural resources to build the nation in 1980
Always watch over our nation because of our next generations in 1978